$75 per month

Remember those Christmas letters we used to send each year - before the advent of Facebook and other social media platforms? Each year, we sat down and remembered our biggest moments as individuals and as a family. 

In the Willow package, Root Story Studios helps you document the story of you and your family each year in our first subscription package. Each month, clients submit 15-30 pictures and/or videos and Root Story Studios records three audio interviews to go with those photos. We then create a video for each month to be shared with family and friends - even on social media. 

At the end of the year, Root Story Studios will take the photos and audio interviews from each month and create a 10-minute annual video highlighting each family member and their major moments (these are the moments highlighted in each monthly video). 

Monthly Videos will include:

  • 15-30 pictures and/or videos ​submitted each month

  • 10-minute audio interviews with up to three people per month

  • Maximum 2-3 minute video each month to share with loved ones

Annual Video will include:

  • Maximum 10-minute film highlighting each family member

  • 10-minute audio interviews with each family member

View a sample of what a monthly video looks like below:

View a sample of what an annual video looks like below:

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