Sometimes we don't have a lot of photos or videos to share of a loved one - maybe we don't even have a lot of stories to share either. But, we do have a few photos and we do have a couple stories. 

In the Root Story Snapshots package, customers can document and preserve the stories of their loved ones in a snapshot maximum 3-minute film with up to 30 photos digitized and a 20-minute audio interview about the main subject. 

This package is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure their Uncle Harold or Cousin Jim get their stories told - even if there isn't a lot to say or show, or for anyone who wants to get a taste of what the Root Story Studios film process feels like before committing to a bigger package like the Redwood.

The Root Story Snapshot package includes: 

  • Maximum 3-minute film

  • Up to 30 photos digitized

  • Maximum 20-minute audio interview with a relative of the main subject

View a sample of what the Snapshot package looks like below:

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