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Life History


Our stories are some of the most valuable gifts we can pass on to our loved ones both while we’re still living and when we pass away.


Book the Redwood package today to tell your life story.


Specific Life Stage or Event


We don’t have to wait until we’re older for a major birthday to tell our story.


Whether you’re 10-years-old or 110-years-old, the Bonsai package is a great way to recap on the lessons you’ve learned so far!


Perfect for birthdays, end of school year, work anniversaries or any other occasion or accomplishment.

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Small Business


Small business ownership means work isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life.


Document your business journey with the Walnut package, which includes a maximum5-minute film perfect for marketing online, on social media or wherever else your clients are at!


Short Vignettes


Not ready to tackle your whole life story yet? Only have a few photos of your favorite uncle, but you still want to preserve his legacy?


Root Story Studios can help preserve those stories too! 




Honor your deceased loved one or prepare for post-life memorial services with the Magnolia package.


Final video can be posted to social media in honor of the deceased, played during a funeral, viewing or other memorial service, or however you’d like to use the film.


Your Story, Told Through Others


Our stories told through others’ eyes can be fun and interesting to see.


The Hickory package uses the voices and perspectives of loved ones to tell a specific part of someone’s life or various highlights.

Perfect for surprise birthday parties, reunions, retirement parties, etc.

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Faith and Religion

Olive Branch

Helping others find and build their faith is a life changing experience.


Whether you’ve returned from serving on a mission trip or an extended full-time mission for your church, document your journey with the Olive Branch package

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Audio Only Versions of our Packages

Blossom Series

We get it, the camera can be a little intimidating. Which is why we offer audio-only versions of our packages for our more camera shy customers.

Gather 'round the radio (or bluetooth speaker) and get ready to listen to your story!


Love Story


Love is in the air and you’d don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to relive the romance!

Book the Rose package as part of an upcoming mile-marker wedding anniversary, a gift for your spouse or parents, or just because.




Pets are an important part of life. Films honoring our pet pals should just be for Old Yeller or Lassie.


Remember the good times with your pet with a 5-minute film featuring videos, pictures and interviews with you (the owner). These can make great gifts for grieving pet parents too.

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Monthly Subscription


Remember those Christmas letters we used to send out before Facebook?


Now, you can document the best moments of your or your family’s year in a video one month at a time through images and audio interviews!

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