Does Root Story Studios digitize my negatives and other fragile documents?

No. While Root Story Studios has the technology and means to quickly digitize printed photos and documents, other photo formats, like negatives or VHS tapes, must be digitized by a company that specializes in that kind of restoration and preservation service. If you'd like to have some of those memories digitized, please contact us for a list of nearby companies.

How long will it take Root Story Studios to finish my film?

Each video is custom, that's part of what makes Root Story Studios' films so special. During our pre-filming consultation, we'll sit down and look at both our calendars, and plan custom deadlines and timelines for your project.

I forgot to give you some images for the film or want to add something else. Can I do that?

Once the production period begins, all changes will be subject to a $50 change order fee.

Can I post the final film on, or other sites?

Yes. The music Root Story Studios uses in each film is royalty-free and allowed on other sites provided attribution is properly applied where necessary. We will provide you a document at the end of the production period of what is required if you post the film.

My grandpa really loves a song by Johnny Cash, could you use it in the film you're making about him?

Unfortunately, no. Copyright law requires us to have explicit permission from the song's owner and/or pay an extended license fee for the song which often can cost hundreds of dollars. For this reason, we use music that is made especially for projects like this and thereby allows our clients to share their films on social media and other internet platforms without restrictions.

I really need the film done sooner. Can you get it done faster?

Our custom production timeline for your project allows us to give your film the attention it needs. While we highly reccomend not rushing the production timeline after we've set and agreed to it in the pre-filming consultation, we can complete the project on a rushed timeline for an added $250. Please let Root Story Studios know at the beginning of the production period, requests for a rushed order will not be acommodated after production has begun.

Do I get to keep the digitial versions of my photos and documents?

Yes. Root Story Studios includes a thumbdrive at the end of the production period with all the photos and documents we've digitized through the process, and the final film. This is included in the package cost.

I have a bunch of photos already digitized on platforms like Facebook or on a CD, can you use those in the film too?

Absolutely. If you already have photos, videos or documents digitized and you'd like them included in the film, please have them ready via jump drive or on a CD when we pick up the physical photos and documents. Photos emailed after the pick up deadline will be subject to the $50 change order fee or not included in the film.

Why do you limit film lengths?

Great question. This decision is a two parter. First of all, the editing process can be very lengthy. It takes approximately one hour to edit one minute of video. By capping our film lengths, we can give our customers a better idea of how much the package will cost instead of delivering a surprise invoice at the end. Additionally, limiting video time cultivates a creative process. In the news industry, most journalists are only allowed 30-90 seconds to tell their story, but in doing so reporters learn to get straight to the point, include the most important information and pack the best segments into their time limits. This is the same principle guiding the editing process at Root Story Studios.

I didn't hear a specific story I shared in the interview in the final film, why is that?

While every life and story is important, not every single detail can be or even should be included in a documentary. This is a prinicple found throughout the film industry (think about how many times you've watched a film and thought, "the book was better.") It's for this reason we offer the lightly edited version of the video interview for just $15 (to cover the cost of an extra jump drive and any necessary editing out of logistical questions or camera adjustments). Please let us know if you'd like to purchase the raw footage and we will include it in your price quote and final invoice.

Why do you limit the amount of photos and documents you scan?

Photos and documents are a valuable part of the storytelling process. But, too many photos and documents can bog down the production process, especially if we're processing materials not relevent to the story we're telling. During the pre-filming consultation, we will go over any specific stories you want us to ask about and after the interviews, we will send a form over detailing what photos and videos will be needed for your film specifically. If you already have several photos and stories in mind, you don't have to wait for the initial consultation to set aside and label those photos. Each package carries different photo scanning maximums, so check your package order information packet for details. Larger scanning and digitizing processes are better handled by a company specializing in those services.

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